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Yvonne is a passionate personality who channels her boundless energy toward educating families about birthing, babies and parenthood. Her enthusiasm and commitment to bring the very best care — be it for emotional needs or practical day-to-day tips on pregnancy and baby care — is truly infectious. Without┬áher, I would not be the mother that I am today: confident and empowered!


Dear Future Moms and Dads,

I am writing to you in support of my friend, fellow mom and attachment parenting mentor, Yvonne Toussaint.

In the last three years, my life has changed dramatically as I’m sure yours is about to with the arrival of a little one. During that time, beginning with my second trimester of pregnancy right through until today, Yvonne has been with me, sharing in my trials and tribulations as a new mother and helping facilitate and support me.

I met Yvonne through La Leche League, where she immediately and whole heartedly welcomed me and my husband to meetings in the park for the five months leading up to our due date. During this time, she recommended reading material – books and handouts – and thoroughly answered all our questions. I felt that her best piece of advice was to “listen to your instincts.” Out of the countless books and websites I visited, that rang the most true when I was giving birth, when I began breastfeeding and is still very relevant today.

My now almost 2 year old son and I still LOVE breastfeeding and do it round the clock. I am sure that my confidence in being an attachment parent and to following my heart and my son’s lead to continue breastfeeding is in large part due to Yvonne. She is so 100% supportive and through her group, Parent Pub, I met other moms, dads and babes with similar values. We met at her home each month to discuss attachment parenting challenges and again her readings, handouts and enthusiasm brought us together as a community during a time in life that can feel a bit isolating. I owe her a debt of gratitude.

I would not hesitate to recommend Yvonne in any of her future endeavors – she has been there for me for questions as random as what kind of organic mattress should I buy to homeschooling 101. Indeed whenever a question forms in my mind and I need an honest, well-versed opinion, I shoot her an email and she (despite her incredibly busy life) somehow finds time to respond thoughtfully and thoroughly.

All the best as you enter this new phase of life. Congratulations!

Maggie Rawling-Endicott

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