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On Friendship

Yvonne and I met over 15 years ago and have remained friends across-country, as I moved back to Chicago when I was expecting my first child. After 2 C-section births and my third child on the way, I phoned Yvonne and shared my reservations about scheduling a third C-section. Thanks to Yvonne’s encouragement I successfully had a “double VBAC” (vaginal birth after 2 C-sections). When I was expecting my 4th child, I again contacted Yvonne for support. She shared about the Hypnobabies program which she had just used with her first birth. Contacting my local Hypnobabies instructor, I did the home study course, and my husband and I successfully had another natural birth with our fourth daughter, this time with joy and confidence.

Happily, my 5th baby was born using Hypnobabies and Yvonne’s support from across the miles. This has been such a gift in my life and without Yvonne I have no doubt that I would have had c-sections number 3, 4 & 5 if I was even able to have these precious babies. You have a gem on your hands. I only wish I was closer in distance to reap the benefits and support of my dear friend and a wonderful instructor. I wish you all the best in your childbirth experience, and congratulations on your new gift. Enjoy the process it is awesome.


Yvonne is one of those unique souls that from the moment you meet her you know you’re in safe, trusted, caring, and knowledgeable hands. It’s interesting because I actually grew up with Yvonne and if you asked me to describe her 25 years ago and again today, I’d describe the same artistic, empathic, and humble person who is always engaged in your best interest. She’s always been on a hunt for knowledge and coincidentally a natural teacher. She is the main reason I choose the “natural” birthing route. From the moment she first learned she was pregnant with her first child and decided on the Hypnobabies program…I was hooked. How was I hooked? She engaged me often on the art and principles behind Hypnobabies that I researched it myself (and no, I wasn’t pregnant nor had plans to become pregnant at the time). I realized the Hypnobabies mindset is something you can leverage in many parts of life. Centering yourself, staying in your positive bubble, and envisioning what you want to experience, for example. When a couple of my friends (that Yvonne didn’t know) became pregnant, I asked Yvonne if she would speak with them about her experience. Not only did she share her experience but offered any references, books, etc that she had. To this day they still look to Yvonne for advice from parenting to breastfeeding to healthy recipes 😉 When I became pregnant and started the Hypnobabies home course, Yvonne was there every step of the way with two kids in the background and her third also on the way (we were one month apart) never missing a beat to support me, answering any questions I had and wanting to know about MY experience!! I’m happy to say we had an amazing pregnancy and birthing experience and are blessed with a beautiful baby who is full of joy. Everyone should be so lucky to have Yvonne to be there for support to advice to everything else in between when it comes to birthing and parenting.

So what’s the point I’m really trying to get across…Yvonne was born to be a mother, a teacher, an advisor, and a friend.


Yvonne is warm, caring, supportive, and thoughtful.  She listens and puts her energy and whole and true self into her conversations, interactions, and friendships.  This energy and approach to life is evident in the way she interacts with her family and friends.  She has offered me many insights into how I want to interact and build connected relationships with my children and those who are in my life either temporarily or permanently.  For this I am forever grateful.


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