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” – First, let me tell you I’m not American, sorry for the grammar mistakes ! –
I don’t remember how I came across hypnobabies childbirth classes. I’ve been interested by birth since I was 14 years old. I remember telling one of my friend how it must be beautiful to give birth in the woods, or at least at home, and how she told me I was totally crazy. 13 years later, and 4 kids later – that same friend had home birth after her first was a not-pretty-hospital-birth, with all the « hospital package ».
I wasn’t that fast having kids, at 27 years old I’m expecting my first baby after I met « The » one right here in the US, although he was born in the same country than me. So many miles to meet him. So worth it.
All those years I’ve been waiting for this child, seeing my friends giving birth one by one. I kept reading birth stories & learned a lot about childbirth. I often feel I learned a bit too much. I learned things I wish I could override, if only it was possible. Home birth and natural childbirth has always been in the picture. All those TV shows about hospital-medicated births have never been pleasant to me, I found them very dramatic and the simple fact to watch those shows were stressing me out. The bright lights, those doctors with blue scrubs, masks, this cold atmosphere, the machine beeping everywhere, the instruments being there « just in case of ». I felt sad for those babies coming from a warm, dark and peaceful womb to this harsh reality. Welcome to the world… 
June 2016, I was finally pregnant again after a miscarriage. It’s a girl, I knew it from day one. The home birth was an evidence, and we saw a midwife early on. We were still seeing my OB/GYN because of my past of miscarriage and we mistakenly did the NIPT test recommended by him, even though we were only 27 and low risk. This test came back positive for down syndrome. Fast forward 6 weeks of intense stress and an amniocentesis later, it was a false positive. After this very hard part of my pregnancy, I stopped seeing my OBGYN and I focus on a 100% natural pregnancy, I wanted to be in control from this point.
We also switched for a birth center at this moment. After buying a new house with a lot of renovations that we needed to do by ourselves, we just thought it was better to be elsewhere in case the reno weren’t done at the time of the birth. After looking around, we found a birth center who looked as good as home. It was so peaceful, modern, 
smelt so good and those very deep bathtub made me just sign up for this! Everyone was also super nice, of course ! 🙂
When the topic of childbirth preparation came, I looked at the possibilities in the US. I never really understood the difference between Lamaze and Bradley method – my instinct felt like it was too popular to be really good. I like to « swim against the stream ». I then learned about hypnobirthing and hypnobabies, and read birth stories about both of them. The first one looked more simple to learn but the birth stories & videos were way less beautiful and peaceful than hypnobabies. I didn’t really care of how much « work » I would have to do to have my beautiful birth, so I contacted Yvonne with hypnobabies! I think we talked about an hour,  and I remember her telling me that she slept trough her entire birthing time (except for pushing her baby out !!!) thanks to hypnobabies. I didn’t really believed her at this point and I was thinking she was exaggerating and overselling me the course. Haha sorry Yvonne ! But I signed up because everything she said was so positive and so great, I thought even if she was lying, this childbirth preparation was awesome anyway. 
When we met Yvonne, I could just say by seeing her she actually didn’t lie to me. It was just an instinct/feeling thing. She wasn’t the kind of woman lying to make things looks prettier/better. She was just speaking the truth. And after reading birth stories and watching videos from hypnobabies, I definitely knew it was possible. Lot of those videos and stories were from first time mom, which I am ! It was very comforting.  But it was also so hard for my mind to accept it. To accept that birth can be easier and more comfortable, to accept that birth can be calm and peaceful.  As a first time mom, you hear so many things about birth. Scary, very scary things. You also have your very own fears. All of this is pretty frightening. How can you have a beautiful birth experience when you’re already frighten months or even years before the « D DAY » ? It’s truly impossible, I think. How a human body could open comfortably that way, how can you not just fight the discomfort without a good childbirth preparation like hypnobabies is ?
The 6 weeks classes were awesome. My husband learned so much about birth and pregnancy, he feels like he has a true role to play during the birth of our baby, he’s not going to be this guy who will watch me not knowing what to do.  I/we learned so much about hypnosis. I was a skeptical one. I’m not anymore… I was a scared one. Even though I always wanted a meds free birth, I thought I was care bear looking for an unicorn, because I think I have a « low pain tolerance » . I’m not scared anymore. I’m so confident I’ll have a beautiful and comfortable childbirth…. I also thought hypnosis wouldn’t work on me. Let me tell you, that’s impossible. There isn’t « receptive » people, I learned it can ONLY work, because it’s very natural, it’s like thinking you can’t cry – yes everybody can cry even the toughest one. This class is a commitment, you also have exercices everyday and somedays it can feels overwhelming, but thanks to hypnobabies I already had a very easy 3rd trimester. 
Before the birth subject come on the table, you get the « 3rd trimester is the worst! It feels like an eternity! ». That’s not true. I am very comfortable and I am 40 weeks 4 days pregnant today. I’m driving around, walking every day, sleeping well… And I owe that to hypnobabies because I’m so relaxed. I don’t feel any pressure that my baby needs to be born, that I need to be induced…I’m waiting patiently for her. I’m enjoying our last few days together, resting and doing my hypnobabies exercices. 
Now that I’m so close to meet our baby, I know that every path my birthing time will take, It will be the right one ! I now feel very knowledgeable about birth, so I know that we will be able to make the right decisions when the time comes!”


April 4th – There were three births. My husband and I were born into a new world; PARENTHOOD. My daughter, 8 pounds 1 oz was also born! She entered peacefully and safely via vaginal birth at 6:47 pm and this is how the story goes:


So here I am, 6 weeks pregnant…..I need to find a birthing class that will reflect my lifestyle and beliefs! I searched the Internet for hours and read dozens of reviews on different women’s experiences with birthing classes. I started to see a common thread, a pattern…and it went a little something like this: Lamaze =PAIN MANAGEMENT, Bradley method= PAIN MANAGEMENT, Hospital offered birthing class= PAIN MANAGEMENT … Etc. Are you seeing this scary trend? I don’t know about you but I’m not interested in pain.

So I dug a little deeper, I started googling things like “peaceful birth”….”natural birth”…..”pain free birth”.

All of these searches led me to one place, HYPNOBABIES! I started watching videos of beautiful home births, water births, and peaceful hospital births. These women actually looked happy to be giving birth.

It didn’t really take much convincing for me to know this is the route I needed to go! Some of my friends called me coo coo for coco puffs because I actually believed I could be in “labor” and be under hypnosis at the same time!


I called the Hypnobabies instructor in my area. When I spoke with Yvonne Toussaint I felt an immediate connection. She shared her inspiring Hypnobabies birth stories and thoroughly answered all of my questions (Is this real? Am I a good candidate? What if people judge me? What if I’m scared?) She motivated me to trust myself so I was motivated to get to class and start learning.

Our class was very diverse, that made me comfortable. There was food…now I’m really committed.

We learned about how our thoughts and feelings and WORDS affect our pregnancy, birthing time (labor) and actual birth!

We learned weekly relaxation techniques that enabled us to become so relaxed that we actually put our own selves into a state of self hypnosis. Being in self hypnosis helped my mind to receive suggestions regarding peaceful, joyful and a more comfortable birthing experience.

We learned how to properly prepare for birth by being prepared mentally, physically and emotionally!

We learned an entirely new perspective on pregnancy and birth. Not only are we replacing popular terms such as labor, pain and contractions with words like birthing time, discomfort, pressure waves. We are training our minds to EXPECT A POSITIVE BIRTHING EXPERIENCE!!!


When my birthing time started I was eating. I figured, ah…this is just a pressure wave…couldn’t be the real thing. It continued for the entire day and throughout the night. I kept feeling these waves until the next morning ….I would describe this sensation as a sound wave traveling upwards in volume…then descending and disappearing for a while. I started getting excited, I couldn’t sleep. This might be it!

On the morning of my daughter’s birth my widwife tells me I probably have a week to go before I’m ready to give birth 😂I insisted that she come my house to check me because I had been feeling intense waves and I became a little anxious….. I needed to know if it was time. When she comes through the door she says “some women think they’re at a 7 and are really at 2 (centimeter) Turns out I was at a 7… she decided it would be a good idea to break my bag of waters (which I did not want and stated that in my birth plan). I wasn’t really focusing on my birth plan so I decided to break the waters……..I was then told to start pushing…I pushed for a long time…..and realized I forgot to hydrate and replenish as we learned in our Hypnobabies class! I began to get tired.

We arrived at the hospital and about 6 hours later, our baby was born!!! There were a couple unexpected (unwanted) occurrences here and there but thanks to Hypnobabies we were able to have a peaceful, fun and easy, vaginal child birth.

Interested in Hypnobabies?

I must say this now; Hypnobabies is wonderful! It is a very useful course that gives you tools to keep control over your own pregnancy and birth!! I learned tools such as “bubble of peace” which is a self created atmosphere designed and programmed by you to protect yourself from negativity. I learned self hypnosis techniques to help myself relax at will so that your physical birthing sensations are not only bearable but possibly even enjoyable …..might as well give it a chance! These are tools women need and the power is in the PRACTICE.

So what’s the bottom line?

If you’re wondering if Hypnobabies really “works” just ask yourself do YOU work?

Aren’t you made for birth? That’s already your instinct. Hypnobabies is there to remind you of your own power and ability to create the pregnancy and birth you really want. Hypnobabies is there to help you make informed and educated choices for your family. So to say it plainly, yeah it works, as long as you make it a priority. You get out of Hypnobabies exactly what you put into it. If you really want your dream birth, then have it!!

Ps. Yvonne Toussaint, instructor of Hypnobabies in Woodland Hills, is a God send. ❤️



I chose Yvonne based on my interaction I had with her on the phone when I called to inquire about her class.  I could tell instantly that she was passionate about the hypnobabies experience.  I like that she had personally used hypnobabies for all her births.

At 40 & newly divorced I found myself with a surprise pregnancy, something I had hoped and prayed for, for a long time but it never happened when I was married.  From the moment I found out I was pregnant I made the decision to embrace everything about this experience as it would most likely be my only shot.  I felt so blessed to be carrying this baby & I wanted a birthing experience that was natural and one that would allow me to connect with my sweet baby.

After hearing positive and personal reviews from my cousins and sister in law who all used hypnobabies, I knew this is what I wanted.  As the father of my baby was unwilling to commit to this birthing class I had my sister and my mom as my coaches.

I wanted to walk away from my hypnobabies class feeling more confident and prepared.  What I walked away with was so much more.

Even though I have been an RN for over 15yrs I learned so much about my body and what to expect leading up to, during and after my birthing time.  I found Yvonne’s classes educational and this eased a lot of my anxieties about birth.

Yvonne played the role of teacher and guide.  She did an excellent job with teaching the content, but more importantly she was my guide.  She guided me each week through hypnosis, allowing me to just be present to the moment, relaxed calm & at peace.  I was very diligent about the self study and hypnosis tracks.  I only mention this because it is such an integral part in getting the most out of this birthing technique.

My birthing time started early in the morning of our last hypnobabies class.  I  enjoyed my birthing time for a few hours at home before going to the hospital. I was able to stay calm and embrace each pressure wave, connecting with my soon to be born son in way that was magical & very spiritual for me.  I was able to walk around, reposition myself and remain in hypnosis in the hospital setting.  The staff at West Hills Hospital were amazing.  After 34hours in my birthing time, it became medically necessary for me to have a c-section.  Hypnobabies hypnosis techniques allowed me to stay calm and focused as I requested to not have a lot of sedatives.  I was totally present at my sons birth.  Although I did not have the ‘natural’ birthing experience I had hoped for, Yvonne’s classes prepared me for being open to what my birthing experience was going to be.  She guided me in a way that allowed me to embrace something unexpected that many moms have a hard time with.

A bonus that I was not expecting is how these techniques helped me after my son was born.  I still use some of the relaxation cues to relax after a stressful day.

If you want to feel prepared and empowered, connect with your partner or coach as you embrace your birthing experience, I strongly recommend you take Yvonne’s Hypnobabies Course.  You won’t regret it!


I took Hypnobabies with Yvonne in the spring of 2016. She is hands down one of the most passionate and genuine instructors I’ve ever had in my life! Not only was Hypnobabies an amazing journey for my husband and I during pregnancy, we received support and personalized advice from Yvonne about our specific situation, which I’ll share:
We were planning for a home birth which is why we were enrolled in Hypnobabies in the first place ( Yvonne referred us to an awesome midwife as well!). At about week 20 of my pregnancy, my OB would not clear me for a vaginal delivery due to a prior medical condition. I was devastated. I called Yvonne in tears and she encouraged me along with my midwife to get a second opinion. We ultimately ended up birthing through a scheduled c section after 4 second opinions and I was able to use my Hypnobabies techniques to stay relaxed during the entire birth and recovery period. I appreciate all that I learned and practiced (the most important part) during my Hypnobabies classes. There were some challenges learning how to breastfeed, so I was happy to use my tools and techniques then as well.  And I still use the techniques today, especially when things get crazy, which they often do as a new mom! A huge thanks to Hypnobabies and Yvonne for this skill set!
(Note from Yvonne: This awesome couple was so committed to attending class that they drove over an hour each week!)


Before baby was born:

All I knew and was conformed to think about labor was that I was going to be in pain…a lot of it. And that the only solution was to get the epidural. However, even before I got pregnant, I knew I didn’t want to get an epidural. Friends left and right were in disbelief that I wanted to have my baby without any pain medications, even calling me a “super mom” for making the choice. I had a desire to birth my child naturally just like so many other women in the past have done successfully. So I was lucky to have done my thorough research and found Hypnobabies. Hypnobabies reprogrammed my mind to think about labor as the time I get to birth and finally see the baby I was growing within me. This course got me excited for my birthing time. I learned methods on how to relax and embrace the pressure waves that I was going to experience, rather than fear them. Hypnobabies also allowed my husband to be part of the preparation for our baby. Weekly, we went through scripts together, did our home play together, and communicated about our thoughts and concerns. After the six week course, we walked away confidently knowing that our birthing time wasn’t going to be a scene from a television show, but rather a joyous, relaxing, and calming time in which we finally get to meet our son.

During and After birthing time:

After feeling 3 pressure waves, I knew my birthing time had began and started listening to my Hypnobabies tracks. Even though my birthing time was for 31 hours, it all seems like a blur now. What I do remember and what I do owe my success of birthing my son naturally was the tips Yvonne provided during our Hypnobabies sessions. I thought of each pressure wave as a hug from my soon to be born son, instead of “pain.” As I listened to my tracks, my husband read me scripts and cue words in the background. Our journey was perfect for us and a lot of it was because of Hypnobabies. We were given the proper tools to execute our dream birth. These tools weren’t absurd or “hippie”…rather a lot of reprogramming of the mind. So thank you Hypnobabies and thank you Yvonne for making our dream birth come true!


My husband and I had the best birthing experience! Hypnobabies helped us by providing us with the tools we needed to stay positive and believe that our birthing time would happen exactly like it was meant to be. During my pregnancy I was given the tool of my “bubble of peace” to keep negativity and negative stories away. We had our baby boy at a birthing center who respected all of our wishes and thanks to Yvonne we made educated decisions. The best part of hypnobabies was giving us the knowledge to know what to expect and giving my husband a true role in the process. We wanted to make sure he was a part of the process and not a bystander. Hypnobabies allowed him to be a part of the birthing process every step of the way!


Yvonne introduced us to Hypnobabies when I was pregnant with our second child. Our first birth went well, but I’d always felt there were a few things that I wanted to be different. As Yvonne is a trusted breastfeeding advisor for our family, I turned to her for advice for our second birth. In fact, we had several conversations over several months as I slowly came to my own decision. Yvonne patiently explained the Hypnobabies process many times and was always open to answering my questions and doubts.

She helped us decide between taking the course in person or doing the home study. Ultimately, we chose the home study and a session of the home study advantage with Yvonne. She was very accommodating with our hectic schedule and worked hard to find a time to meet that suited everyone. Meeting with her was so helpful, encouraging and inspiring. Our session helped solidify the Hypnobabies techniques in my mind and helped my husband understand the process better as well. I highly recommend Hypnobabies and Yvonne to any family looking to have a natural birth.

Melinda (on the Hypnobabies Home Study Advantage)

Trust your instincts. From the moment I became pregnant I felt like I was overwhelmed by advice from family and friends with good intentions, but I had a more natural approach in mind for how I wanted to bring my baby into the world. Yvonne was so helpful by not only listening to all of my fears, but giving me the courage and strategies to talk to family and friends about our approach to parenting. She empowered me to understand the strength of my own body so I no longer feared childbirth, but I was looking forward to meet my new baby. During those first few scary days at home she was there for me coaching me through the initial struggles with breastfeeding, always letting me know to trust myself as a mother. I can’t thank her enough for sending me off as a mother in such a positive place!


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