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Thank you so much for guiding us through the Hypnobabies birthing class.  It was certainly an interesting process to see Cristie transform her mind and prepare for the birthing process in a manner free from pain killers and epidurals.  Cristie did amazing though the entire process and today, we have a precious baby girl.
The birthing process was really smooth.  It was about 8 pm that the pressure waves really began.  Occurring every twenty minutes and slowly reducing in time from that point on.  At midnight, they were about every ten minutes.  And at 3 am, they were about every five minutes.  We called our doctor at that point, and she said take your time and come on in.
Cristie had been listening to her meditations throughout the night.  Settling into the car, she simply closed her eyes and began hypnosis.  We arrived at the hospital and settled in around 4:30 am.  I placed the signs on the doors that we are doing HypnoBabies.  I spoke with the nurses and shared with them that all questions will go through me and that Cristie just wants to stay in her zone.  The nurse staff were amazing.  Cristie had shared with them what our plans were and they did everything they could to help Cristie reach her goal.
The nurse did a check upon our arrival just to give a baseline.  She didn’t tell Cristie how much she had dilated but I had asked and was told 5 cm!  With our past two girls, this would have been about 2 cm.
Cristie was solid!  Listening to her head phones and doing her peace ques with each pressure wave.  I offered scripts, rubbing, water, ice . . . she took the water and ice but preferred the ipod than to listening to me.  As her husband, I just let her find the right path for her and did my best to not screw that up.
Around 7 am, Cristie began to feel the urge to push.  The nurse did another check and again, Cristie did not want to know the status.  With Cristie still in her hypnosis, the nurse discretely shared with me that she was 8 cm!
The pressure waves were so much more spread out than our previous two births.  I remember with our first two, and after Cristie was given the pitocin, I would watch the waves on the screen.  They were very uniform, very high, and very close together.  With the HypnoBabies, these pressure waves were mostly mid range, with a few low and a few high.  The biggest difference were how much more distance there was between each wave.  Cristie was able to handle them all – no problem.
At 7:30, our doctor arrived and did a check.  Cristie had reached 9 cm without so much as an aspirin.  With the help of her doctor (*assisting with a cervical lip), Cristie reached 10 cm.  With our birth prompts playing in the background, our doctor mentioned a few times how great Cristie was doing and how impressed she was with how well things moved along.
At 7:50, the transformation began.  With Cristie able to move her legs (no epidural), she was able to find a position that worked for her.  After four pressure waves, our baby girl was welcomed into the world at 8:01 AM.  It is worth pointing out that the 11 minutes this took, if we had had pitocin, Cristie would have had about 15 or more pressure waves.
Cristie was incredible!  Both our doctor and I agreed that this birth seemed much more intimate than our first two.  That through the HypnoBabies process, Cristie and I seemed much more connected.
Thank you again for helping us obtain the tools and the confidence to make this happen.  It was amazing.
All our best to you in the coming year.


One of the best advice that Yvonne has given me which continues to resonate with me till this day is “your daughter feels everything you feel”. I became so frustrated when my wife returned to work and my daughter would NOT take the bottle. I thought my neighbors were going to call the cops because she cried so much. Because of Yvonne’s encouragement and support, I was able to have more patience with my daughter and she eventually took to the bottle. We have gotten so much support from Yvonne, her husband Kent, as well as the other wonderful breastfeeding couples we have met.


Daddies Welcome at La Leche League

Admittedly, I had my reservations when my wife Donna invited me to join her and our son Georgie at La Leche League. But since I was one of the first guys to crash a females-only baby shower years ago, I thought less than twice.

I was a great comfort to my wife (or so I hope) and son (whom I received bonus play time with as my wife could focus on participating and learning). The other dads provided great comfort to me — especially Yvonne’s husband Kent. Not only did we throw the football around, but we talked about what it was like to be new dads. Had beer been present, I suppose we could have called ourselves, Lo Beer League.

Yvonne is knowledgeable, supportive, empathetic and non-judgment — as is her equally awesome husband Kent!

Andrew Fumento

Yvonne right from the get-go shows you that if you feel like you or your partner are doing something wrong it’s really just a solution that has not shown itself yet and that you are more than capable of giving your baby everything they need. Also that you don’t need to have all the answers or be a expert and that daddy can’t always be the comfy for the baby that mother is, especially at the very beginning. Just being mommy’s comfy is the best possible thing and that’s ok. Yvonne shows Mommy and Daddy just what they need to make baby happy. My wife and I had a tough time at the beginning because it was tough for my wife to get the baby to latch and for me not knowing what to do to help. Then we went to our first class with Yvonne and she showed us that it’s ok to struggle but we just need to keep positive and keep trying and within a matter of a week or two my wife was able to get the little one to latch and exclusively breastfeed. It felt great to know we had help to back us up when we were struggling. Yvonne also has all these great ideas of how to help you with the baby, more than just breastfeeding, but how to connect. She is just a great all around person, the second you start talking to her it makes you want to have a whole conversation with her and just completely change how you look at certain things.

Christopher & Cristina

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