The Parent Pub


I LOVE being a parent.  It’s a million times better, outrageously more exhilarating, more demanding and more nerve-wracking than I anticipated.  Whenever I made (or make) a poor parenting choice I realize that it was due to me being out of tune, or being unfulfilled and desperately needing a refill. I somehow missed seeing my “NEEDS SERVICE” light wildly blinking.

New parents can have one of several thoughts on parenting:

  1. My childhood was amazing. I hope I can create the same for my kids.
  2. My childhood was awful. I will do everything opposite that my parents did.
  3. My childhood was okay. I don’t really remember it. I suppose my parents did the best they could but I don’t think they knew what they were doing.

No matter what your thoughts are on parenting, when certain buttons are pushed most of us unconsciously repeat what was done to us as a child. Why would you know to do anything differently? For some of us, the thought of repeating our childhood but in your parents’ shoes is scary. For others, we may worry that we won’t do it “right.”

Parenting in the way that makes you feel great doesn’t always come naturally. If you had challenges growing up, learning how to take care of the needs of a little baby can seem especially daunting when you’re still figuring out how to take care of your own needs. Paying attention to emotions (yours and theirs) instead of shoving them away. Embracing who you are as a grown-up can sometimes be simply realizing who you were as a kid. It’s important to understand how your childhood experiences dictate your reactions as a parent. Yet, it’s equally important to realize that you can choose to recreate those experiences for your own child. Or not.

Parenting is a time for growth and reflection. It is not a time for blaming or repeating a cycle that should have been broken generations ago. Your job as a parent is to remain in the here and the now. This job requires your conscious effort, 100% of the time.

You will most effectively and positively feed the soul of your child
if your soul is whole and available to give.

While parenting can be tough business, it can also be awakening and soul warming. What parenting is NOT is a job done in isolation. You are NOT meant to be alone, trying to navigate your way with barely any support to lean on. You know the saying, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Well… it also takes a village to raise the parent.

The Parent Pub has one main goal:

To help you know how to parent in a way that makes you feel great, and have it come naturally and easily. We want you to love parenting, even during the challenging times.

The Parent Pub is my version of getting a tune-up or getting that refill, and staying fulfilled as often as possible so that you can be parenting consciously 100% of the time. Doesn’t your child deserve that?

Raising a child is one of the greatest gifts that you could be given. Learning how to be the best parent that you can be is the ultimate way to honor that gift. Luckily, my children never let me stop learning. I am a certified Attached at the Heart parent educator through Attachment Parenting International.

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