More Info On Hypnobabies

So you still have questions about why Hypnobabies works so well?


I invite you to listen to What is Hypnobabies Hypnosis for Childbirth? narrated by founder Kerry Tuschoff. This is a FREE Hypnobabies MP3 track that introduces you to the benefits of using childbirth hypnosis and the specific advantages of our Hypnobabies program. You’ll learn about “Eyes-Open Childbirth Hypnosis”, and the importance of getting a complete preparation for childbirth education. You’ll also learn how you can easily re-program your mental computer to create a much easier and more comfortable birthing experience by simply relaxing with one amazing Hypnobabies session every day.

Also, enjoy our FREE “Instantly Calm” Hypnosis Session MP3 track! This powerful hypnosis training session allows you to experience deep physical relaxation throughout your entire body. You’ll choose a special cue word that will train you to become completely relaxed and calm in any situation, from now on. Listen to it every day in a quiet, fully supported position and learn how wonderful it is to be calm and in control at all times, with work, family and driving situations, with stress-relief as a wonderful side-effect! Enjoy.


Last but not least, check out this video created by a fellow Hypnobabies Instructor. It does a great job at dispelling the myths about what hypnosis is.