mom_of_2I wanted to create a quick and easy list of 15 reasons to breastfeed that mothers could confidently use when somebody questions their choice to breastfeed. This is in no particular order.

In case you can’t think of 15 reasons to breastfeed, here goes…
1. It’s FREE
2. Your milk is EXACTLY made for your baby specifically
3. Stronger immune system than bottle-fed babies
4. Lowers rates of childhood diseases (some cancers, obesity and more)
5. Lowers rates of women’s diseases
6. Strengthens bond between Mama and Baby in a way that’s not replicable in any other way
7. Always ready (no warming, no cleaning bottles)
8. Easier to carry around and less packing!
9. Lowers rates of various allergies
10. It’s delicious! (flavor changes w/ Mama’s diet, and not same old boring flavor from artificial infant milk) This also prepares them for a wider variety of tastes once they are ready to eat solids resulting in a less picky eater
11. Higher IQ
12. Fewer illnesses (and less severe and shorter duration)
13. Mamas get more and better quality sleep when breastfeeding
14. Instantaneous way to comfort and soothe your baby ( = Less crying)
15. When exclusively breastfeeding (and baby is not sucking on anything else – ie. thumbs, pacifiers, drinking water, no solids) birth control is easier. (Ask me for the real specifics on this one before testing it out!)

I discovered the list just kept growing!
15. Always Simple, Safe, Sterile
15. You milk will make antibodies to protect your baby against viruses almost instantly (just by having baby at the breast)
15. Baby poop smells sweet!
15. Less ear infections
15. Instant anti-bacterial when applied to ear/nose/mouth/eye or skin abrasions. Healing time is miraculous!
15. Colostrum is AWESOME!
15. ALWAYS fresh and never spoils in breast
15. Healthier, calmer, happier babies
15. Has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties – PERFECT for those teething moments (YES breastmilk actually helps reduce teething pain!)
15. Lower risk for jaundice
15. Makes skin-to-skin time so much more easier (almost impossible to avoid)
15. In case of disaster or power outage – you will always be able to feed your baby
15. Mama loses weight gained during pregnancy much easier and faster (Breastfeeding alone burns 500-700 calories EACH DAY!)
15. Oxytocin release produces a “natural high” resulting in less postpartum depression
15. Gives Mama more confidence in her parenting skills
15. Right after birth, breastfeeding helps to shrink the uterus back to it’s normal size
15. Something only YOU can do for YOUR baby – It should be honored
15. Environmentally friendly
15. Breastfed babies have better visual acuity
15. Your breasts are the BEST and most efficient pacifiers in the whole world (and you’ll never leave them on a restaurant table!)


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