pregnant_blonde_motherIs it really ALL that?


Your breastmilk is the best and most precious gift you can give to your baby, next to your love. I am a breastfeeding mother myself, and before my first baby arrived I had no idea I was going to love it so much. That was mostly because I had no exposure to breastfeeding either during my childhood or during my young adulthood. I had no clue it was the normal, natural and most perfect way to feed my baby – especially with formula companies, doctors, family and friends saying otherwise. And why didn’t I listen to all those other messages that went against breastfeeding? My motherly intuition was loud and clear from Day 1. However, just because breastfeeding is supposed to be “normal” doesn’t mean that it can’t come with it’s own set of issues. I started with some issues that are common for many first time moms.

  1. Zero understanding of how my body could actually make milk.
  2. My own mother who didn’t breastfeed because she was told that she “didn’t make enough milk” when she gave birth.
  3. My mother-in-law who might have gone to the same doctor.
  4. Not one friend or family member around me who was breastfeeding.
  5. Breastfeeding was not something that I was exposed to. EVER.

However, I persevered and pushed through some rough nights and equally rough days, a lot of crying, and endless trial and error. Three months later, thanks to the support of my husband… My baby somehow got it! It was a very tough postpartum period for me. Even though I survived it, I felt mostly alone and clueless. My goal was to take it one hour at a time, hoping to make it through the next feeding with less tears.

In hindsight, my tear-filled experience was not necessary. I didn’t have to be alone. I didn’t know there was help. I had heard that “babies are born to breastfeed”, so why was mine trying to prove otherwise? My confidence was crushed – in myself as a mother, and in my body, which apparently was doing something “wrong” or perhaps was not competent. These early anxieties could have been easily avoided had I known that there is such a thing as breastfeeding support. Why not, right? There’s support for doing your taxes, YouTube videos about grooming your dog, and phone apps for counting calories and learning a language. For whatever reason (perhaps postpartum hormones swaying me in every direction), I felt like I was the only mother who couldn’t properly breastfeed her baby and therefore no one on Earth could help me. Could other moms be experiencing problems with something that was supposed to be “so natural”?

Over the years, I have dived into the breastfeeding community so that I can help other moms avoid being alone during troublesome, bumpy starts to breastfeeding. I want to help moms before they throw in the towel, give up on breastfeeding and resort to using food (synthetic formula) that infant tummies are not meant to handle.

I had no idea that I was providing such incredible nutrients for my baby. I was providing health benefits that cannot be duplicated, even if that bottle of formula was $1,000 per serving. I love knowing that my milk is specifically designed to feed my babies. I love it so much and my heart breaks with every story I hear about a mother giving up because she was not given the right support. There are all kinds of crazy advice out there, all kinds of myths and fallacies, old wives tales, and even inaccurate information coming from the doctor’s mouth!

Here are some basics that you should know about breastfeeding:

  1. Breastfeeding is NOT supposed to hurt. AT ALL!
  2. You can fully feed your baby EXCLUSIVELY with YOUR milk.
  3. Formula is NOT the same as breastmilk.
  4. Human newborn babies can ONLY properly digest human breastmilk.

For success, it’s important that you have the most updated and accurate information available. That’s what I want to provide you, along with a shoulder to lean on because YES… your breastmilk truly is ALL that!

Why am I so passionate about this? Because I believe that if more babies were breastfed, our world would be a more peaceful place. I know it sounds crazy and far-fetched, but just you wait! When you start breastfeeding you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Breastfeeding is so much more than just feeding your baby. It promotes a gentler way of parenting, and a more tuned-in way of life. Because of that, breastfed babies cry less. And who wouldn’t want that? Breastfeeding is such an intimate act, and a complete giving of one’s body, and the bond that is created between mother and baby becomes unbreakable. Breastfeeding becomes your baby’s first lesson in how to have connections with the world around him/her. I believe that is what our society needs – stronger bonds and more meaningful connections.

In 2012, I became a La Leche League Leader and have spent countless hours helping moms by phone, email, and even late night texts. La Leche League has saved several tens of thousands of mothers throughout its 60 years of existence. I am so honored to be active in this worthy cause.

I lead two LLL meetings every month.
Third Sunday of each month in Encino from 12-2pm.
Last Tuesday of each month in Van Nuys from 2-4pm.

You can contact me for more information or you can check out the LLL website to find other meetings near you.

My work as your breastfeeding support person is always in progress. Check back soon to find out ways I can help you start and enjoy your breastfeeding journey. You can frequently find me leading workshops and I am also working on becoming a Certified Lactation Educator, so this page will be bustling soon!

Click here for resources and to discover the numerous benefits of breastfeeding.