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My Journey

I’m your standard mom-next-door with a lot of mom-from-outer-space ideas. So, let me tell you a bit about how my journey started, which really sums up who I will be to you. It began with giving my sister-in-law the “You must be crazy!” look by having her first baby in a warm tub in a birthing center. Why in the heck would you want to have a baby in a tub and WHO IN THE HECK does this crazy lady think she is??? Then in 2001, I was privileged enough to witness the birth of her second baby, my niece. Again, it was a water birth but this time, at home. That was when I knew who in the heck she thought she was. She was a confident mother so in tune with her body and soul that she trusted herself to know her answers. I wanted to be like that. She was empowered and empowering. I had not seen a birth before and certainly never had I imagined that it could be done so peacefully and blissfully. I was so young and so far away from becoming a mother, from having a husband, or even a date for that matter, but I knew that when my time came I would make sure that I experienced that same peace and bliss that I witnessed.

Years and lessons and many dates later, I gave birth to all three of my kids in my home, all in water, each time with my husband unknowingly acting as the best doula that I can find! I used the Hypnobabies program for all three births. And yes, each time was filled with peace and bliss.

Since the very first moment of becoming pregnant, I have discovered that my parenting identity is directly tied into every challenge I have overcome along the way. I find sanity in knowing that so many of my experiences are shared by others, and that I am not alone. I find hope in knowing we can get back to the simplicity and purity and efficiency in how things were done way long ago. And I find power in my ability to understand how to be the parent that I’d like to be.

I am a homeschooling mother to my two sons and daughter. I am a wife to a words-can-not-describe-how amazing husband. I am a breastfeeding support cheerleader. I am a natural childbirth and parent educator. I am a sister. I am a daughter. I am a best friend.