Welcome to Birthing Natural Parents! We talk a lot about birthing stuff, parenting triumphs and conundrums, breastfeeding how-to’s and what-if’s, and you’ll find support for your natural living lifestyle. Maybe you found me through Hypnobabies and want to know if you’ll really cluck like a chicken while giving birth. (Um… No.) Or maybe you’re confused about cloth diapers vs. EC?  Wondering if you should use Pitocin vs. going au naturel?  Ever wonder, “I’m not sure I make enough milk. And by the way, why is my baby screaming at me?” This is not an all-or-nothing kind of place. You can eat your Ding Dongs on your 100% Organic mattress. There are no judgments or raised eyebrows. I want to help you find the place in your parenting journey that gives you the most peace. I will not ask you to give up shaving for a month, but I may ask you to search for what makes you really happy. I will not ask you to eat a Paleo-Vegan (except for fish on Tuesdays)-No Carbs-Gluten Free-Grapefruit diet, but I may ask you to discover what is important to you. I will not ask you to live in a yurt and give up caffeine, but I may ask you to recognize what makes you tick.

I encourage you to challenge those ideas that make you lose sleep, and to make informed and intelligent choices that feel great to you. Sometimes the answers are easily found. However, sometimes you'll need to dig deep to discover what your gut is telling you to do. If your logical-self is skeptical of the answer, what is your heart-self telling you to do?


: a feeling that guides a person to act a certain way without fully understanding why
: something that is known or understood without proof or evidence
defined by Merriam-Webster


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Thank you so much for guiding us through the Hypnobabies birthing class.  It was certainly an interesting process to see Cristie transform her mind and prepare for the birthing process in a manner free from pain killers and epidurals.  Cristie did amazing though the entire process and today, we have a precious baby girl.
The birthing process was really smooth.  It was about 8 pm that the pressure waves really began.  Occurring every twenty minutes and slowly reducing in time from that point on.  At midnight, they were about every ten minutes.  And at 3 am, they were about every five minutes.  We called our doctor at that point, and she said take your time and come on in.
Cristie had been listening to her meditations throughout the night.  Settling into the car, she simply closed her eyes and began hypnosis.  We arrived at the hospital and settled in around 4:30 am.  I placed the signs on the doors that we are doing HypnoBabies.  I spoke with the nurses and shared with them that all questions will go through me and that Cristie just wants to stay in her zone.  The nurse staff were amazing.  Cristie had shared with them what our plans were and they did everything they could to help Cristie reach her goal.
The nurse did a check upon our arrival just to give a baseline.  She didn’t tell Cristie how much she had dilated but I had asked and was told 5 cm!  With our past two girls, this would have been about 2 cm.
Cristie was solid!  Listening to her head phones and doing her peace ques with each pressure wave.  I offered scripts, rubbing, water, ice . . . she took the water and ice but preferred the ipod than to listening to me.  As her husband, I just let her find the right path for her and did my best to not screw that up.
Around 7 am, Cristie began to feel the urge to push.  The nurse did another check and again, Cristie did not want to know the status.  With Cristie still in her hypnosis, the nurse discretely shared with me that she was 8 cm!
The pressure waves were so much more spread out than our previous two births.  I remember with our first two, and after Cristie was given the pitocin, I would watch the waves on the screen.  They were very uniform, very high, and very close together.  With the HypnoBabies, these pressure waves were mostly mid range, with a few low and a few high.  The biggest difference were how much more distance there was between each wave.  Cristie was able to handle them all – no problem.
At 7:30, our doctor arrived and did a check.  Cristie had reached 9 cm without so much as an aspirin.  With the help of her doctor (*assisting with a cervical lip), Cristie reached 10 cm.  With our birth prompts playing in the background, our doctor mentioned a few times how great Cristie was doing and how impressed she was with how well things moved along.
At 7:50, the transformation began.  With Cristie able to move her legs (no epidural), she was able to find a position that worked for her.  After four pressure waves, our baby girl was welcomed into the world at 8:01 AM.  It is worth pointing out that the 11 minutes this took, if we had had pitocin, Cristie would have had about 15 or more pressure waves.
Cristie was incredible!  Both our doctor and I agreed that this birth seemed much more intimate than our first two.  That through the HypnoBabies process, Cristie and I seemed much more connected.
Thank you again for helping us obtain the tools and the confidence to make this happen.  It was amazing.
All our best to you in the coming year.


” – First, let me tell you I’m not American, sorry for the grammar mistakes ! –
I don’t remember how I came across hypnobabies childbirth classes. I’ve been interested by birth since I was 14 years old. I remember telling one of my friend how it must be beautiful to give birth in the woods, or at least at home, and how she told me I was totally crazy. 13 years later, and 4 kids later – that same friend had home birth after her first was a not-pretty-hospital-birth, with all the « hospital package ».
I wasn’t that fast having kids, at 27 years old I’m expecting my first baby after I met « The » one right here in the US, although he was born in the same country than me. So many miles to meet him. So worth it.
All those years I’ve been waiting for this child, seeing my friends giving birth one by one. I kept reading birth stories & learned a lot about childbirth. I often feel I learned a bit too much. I learned things I wish I could override, if only it was possible. Home birth and natural childbirth has always been in the picture. All those TV shows about hospital-medicated births have never been pleasant to me, I found them very dramatic and the simple fact to watch those shows were stressing me out. The bright lights, those doctors with blue scrubs, masks, this cold atmosphere, the machine beeping everywhere, the instruments being there « just in case of ». I felt sad for those babies coming from a warm, dark and peaceful womb to this harsh reality. Welcome to the world… 
June 2016, I was finally pregnant again after a miscarriage. It’s a girl, I knew it from day one. The home birth was an evidence, and we saw a midwife early on. We were still seeing my OB/GYN because of my past of miscarriage and we mistakenly did the NIPT test recommended by him, even though we were only 27 and low risk. This test came back positive for down syndrome. Fast forward 6 weeks of intense stress and an amniocentesis later, it was a false positive. After this very hard part of my pregnancy, I stopped seeing my OBGYN and I focus on a 100% natural pregnancy, I wanted to be in control from this point.
We also switched for a birth center at this moment. After buying a new house with a lot of renovations that we needed to do by ourselves, we just thought it was better to be elsewhere in case the reno weren’t done at the time of the birth. After looking around, we found a birth center who looked as good as home. It was so peaceful, modern, 
smelt so good and those very deep bathtub made me just sign up for this! Everyone was also super nice, of course ! 🙂
When the topic of childbirth preparation came, I looked at the possibilities in the US. I never really understood the difference between Lamaze and Bradley method – my instinct felt like it was too popular to be really good. I like to « swim against the stream ». I then learned about hypnobirthing and hypnobabies, and read birth stories about both of them. The first one looked more simple to learn but the birth stories & videos were way less beautiful and peaceful than hypnobabies. I didn’t really care of how much « work » I would have to do to have my beautiful birth, so I contacted Yvonne with hypnobabies! I think we talked about an hour,  and I remember her telling me that she slept trough her entire birthing time (except for pushing her baby out !!!) thanks to hypnobabies. I didn’t really believed her at this point and I was thinking she was exaggerating and overselling me the course. Haha sorry Yvonne ! But I signed up because everything she said was so positive and so great, I thought even if she was lying, this childbirth preparation was awesome anyway. 
When we met Yvonne, I could just say by seeing her she actually didn’t lie to me. It was just an instinct/feeling thing. She wasn’t the kind of woman lying to make things looks prettier/better. She was just speaking the truth. And after reading birth stories and watching videos from hypnobabies, I definitely knew it was possible. Lot of those videos and stories were from first time mom, which I am ! It was very comforting.  But it was also so hard for my mind to accept it. To accept that birth can be easier and more comfortable, to accept that birth can be calm and peaceful.  As a first time mom, you hear so many things about birth. Scary, very scary things. You also have your very own fears. All of this is pretty frightening. How can you have a beautiful birth experience when you’re already frighten months or even years before the « D DAY » ? It’s truly impossible, I think. How a human body could open comfortably that way, how can you not just fight the discomfort without a good childbirth preparation like hypnobabies is ?
The 6 weeks classes were awesome. My husband learned so much about birth and pregnancy, he feels like he has a true role to play during the birth of our baby, he’s not going to be this guy who will watch me not knowing what to do.  I/we learned so much about hypnosis. I was a skeptical one. I’m not anymore… I was a scared one. Even though I always wanted a meds free birth, I thought I was care bear looking for an unicorn, because I think I have a « low pain tolerance » . I’m not scared anymore. I’m so confident I’ll have a beautiful and comfortable childbirth…. I also thought hypnosis wouldn’t work on me. Let me tell you, that’s impossible. There isn’t « receptive » people, I learned it can ONLY work, because it’s very natural, it’s like thinking you can’t cry – yes everybody can cry even the toughest one. This class is a commitment, you also have exercices everyday and somedays it can feels overwhelming, but thanks to hypnobabies I already had a very easy 3rd trimester. 
Before the birth subject come on the table, you get the « 3rd trimester is the worst! It feels like an eternity! ». That’s not true. I am very comfortable and I am 40 weeks 4 days pregnant today. I’m driving around, walking every day, sleeping well… And I owe that to hypnobabies because I’m so relaxed. I don’t feel any pressure that my baby needs to be born, that I need to be induced…I’m waiting patiently for her. I’m enjoying our last few days together, resting and doing my hypnobabies exercices. 
Now that I’m so close to meet our baby, I know that every path my birthing time will take, It will be the right one ! I now feel very knowledgeable about birth, so I know that we will be able to make the right decisions when the time comes!”


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